Streams of Whiskey 0:02:00 Print

by The Pogues - sung by Heather, Chris, Sabrina - fruitorial

cheat sheet: CCFC CCGG CCFC CFGC 0:00

CLast night as I slept

I Fdreamt I met with CBehan

I Cshook him by the hand and we Gpassed the time of day

When Cquestioned on his views

On the Fcrux of life's Cphilosophies

He Chad but these few Fclear and Gsimple words to Csay


I am going, I am going

Any which way the wind may be blowing

I am going, I am going

Where streams of whiskey are flowing

I have cursed, bled and sworn

Jumped bail and landed up in jail

Life has often tried to stretch me

But the rope always was slack

And now that I've a pile

I'll go down to the Chelsea

I'll walk in on my feet

But I'll leave there on my back


Oh the words that he spoke

Seemed the wisest of philosophies

There's nothing ever gained

By a wet thing called a tear

When the world is too dark

And I need the light inside of me

I'll walk into a bar

And drink fifteen pints of beer