Braineaters 0:00:30 Print

by Misfits - sung by Everyone!

cheat sheet: F Bb F C, F C Bb F / Bb F Bb C / end C F, C Bb F 0:00

F- - - - Bb- - - - F- - - - C- - - - Oi oi oi

F- - - - C- - - - Bb- - - -F

FBrains Bbfor dinner Brains for lunch

FBrains fCor breakfast Brains for brunch

FBrainsC at every single meal

BbWhy canF't we have some guts Oi oi oi

BbBrains are alFl we ever get In this rotten fuckin' place, hey hey

BBbrains are allC we ever get Why can't we have a change of pace

Brains for dinner

Brains for lunch

Brains for breakfast

Brains for brunch

Brains at every single meal

Why can't we have some guts, oi oi oi

Why caCn't we have some gFuts, oi oi oi

C Bb(ring) F

Why can't we have some rotten fuckin' guts

Oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi...