Cretin Hop 0:02:00 Print

by Ramones - sung by Nick - fruitorial

cheat sheet: Riff C C C Bb / F C F C / G C G C 0:00

Csus4: 0013

Intro riff:

C- Csus4- C- - |C- - Bb- - |

FThere's noC stoppin' the cretins from hoppin'

FYou gotta Ckeep it beatin' for all the hoppin' cretins

GCretCinG! CreCtin!

I'm gonna go for a whirl with my cretin girl

My feet won't stop, doin' the Cretin Hop

Cretin! Cretin!

Riff x2

1-2-3-4 Cretins wanna hop some more

Riff x1

4-5-6-7 All good cretins go to heaven

Riff x4