Career Opportunity 0:02:00 Print

by The Clash - sung by Sabrina, Chase

cheat sheet: In: GGGD V: GCDG/CD Ch: GDEG/GGGD Out: GBbCD 0:00


GVersDe G1:    D    G        D    G        D  

They Goffered me the Coffice, offered me the Dshop    G  

They Gsaid I'd betterC take anything they Dgot      G  

Do you Cwanna make the at the BBC?

Do you wanna be, do you really wanna be a Dcop?


CaGreer opporDtunities, the Eones that neverG knock

GEvery job they Doffer is to Ekeep you out theG dock

CaGreer opporDtunities, the Eones that neverG knoDckG        D  

Verse 2:

GI hate the army and I Chate the R.DA.GF.

GI don't wanna go a-fCighting in the tropical DheaGt

CI hate the Civil Service rules

And I won't open letter bombs for Dyou


Verse 3:

GThey're gonna have to iCntroduce conDscripGtion

GThey're gonna have to Ctake away my perDscripGtion

CIf they wanna get me makin' toys

If they wanna get me, well, I got no Dchoice



CGarBbeerC    D  

CGarBbeerC    D  

CGarBbeerC DAn' I never wannaG knock