Tango Till They're Sore 0:02:00 Print

by Tom Waits - sung by Chase, Sabrina - fruitorial

cheat sheet: Em Am B7 Em / Am B7 Em 0:00

Verse 1:

Well yoy Emplay that taranAmtella

All the hB7ounds will start to Emroll

The Emboys all go to Amhell

And then the B7Cubans hit the Emfloor

And they Emdrive along the Ampipeline

They B7tango 'till they're Emsore

They Emtake apart their Amnightmares

And they B7leave 'em by the Amdoor


Let me Amfall out of the window

With conB7fetti in my hair

EmDeal out Jacks or better

On a Amblanket by the stairs

I’ll B7tell you all my secrets

But I Emlie about my past

So Amsend me off to B7bed for ever Emmore

Verse 2:

Make Emsure they play my Amtheme song

I guess B7daisies will have to Emdo

Just Emget me to New AmOrleans

And paint B7shadows on the Empews

Turn the Emspit on that Ampig

And kick the B7drum and let me Emdown

Put my Emclarinet beneath my Ambed

Till B7I get back in Emtown


Verse 3:

Make Emsure she's all in Amcalico

In the B7color of a Emdoll

EmWave the flag on AmCadillac day

And a B7skillet on the Emwall

EmCut me a Amswitch

Or hold your B7breath till the sun goes Emdown

EmWrite my name on the Amhood

Send me B7off to another Emtown

Chorus plus an extra:

So Amsend me off to B7bed for ever Emmore