Fuck you I'm Drunk 0:02:00 Print

by Flogging Molly - sung by Scott

cheat sheet: GGCG GGD[G|D] 0:00

Verse 1:

I Gbang on the door, but sheC won't let meG in

G'Cause you're sick and tired of me Dreeking of gin

GYou lock all the doors from theC front to theG back

GAnd left me a note telling Dme I should Gpack

GI walk in the bar and theC fella's allG cheer

GOrder me up a Dwhiskey and beer

GIf you ask me why I'mC singing this Gsong

GSome call it tavern, Dbut I call it Ghome


GFuck you I'm Drunk,C Fuck you I'mG drunk

GPour my beer down the sink, I've got Dmore in the trunk

GFuck you I'm drunk,C Fuck you I'mG drunk

GAnd I'm gonna be drunk 'till the Dnext time I'm Gdrunk

Verse 2:

You've given me an option, you said I must choose

'tween you an' the liquor, then I'll take the booze

I'm jumpin' on Western down to the southside

Where I'll sit down and exercise my Irish Pride