Just Like Heaven 0:02:40 Print

by The Cure - sung by Libby, Lauren, Eric

cheat sheet: G D Am C / Em F C D 0:00

Intro: G D Amin C

"GShow me show me Show me how you Ddo that trick

The Aminone that makes me Cscream" she said

"The Gone that makes me Dlaugh" she said

And Aminthrew her arms aCround my neck

"GShow me how you Ddo it

And I Aminpromise you I Cpromise that

I'll run awGay with you            D  

I'll run aAminway with you"          C  

G D Amin C

GSpinning on that Ddizzy edge

I Aminkissed her face and Ckissed her head

And Gdreamed of all the dDifferent ways I Aminhad  

To make her Cglow

G"Why are you so Dfar away?" she sAminaid  

"Why won't you Cever know that I'm in Glove with youD  

That I'm in Aminlove with you"  C  


FSoft and only


FLost and lonely


FStrange as angels

CDancing in the deepest oceans

DTwisting in the water

You're just like a dream

G D Amin C (2x)

GDaylight licked me Dinto shape

I Aminmust have been asCleep for days

And Gmoving lips to Dbreathe her name

I Aminopened up my Ceyes

And Gfound myself aDlone alone

AAminlone above a Craging sea

That Gstole the only Dgirl I loved

And Amindrowned her deep inCside of me


FSoft and only


FLost and lonely


FJust like heaven        C