Goin out in Style 0:02:00 Print

by Dropkick Murpys - - fruitorial

cheat sheet: Bb Bb Eb Eb - Bb Bb F F - Bb Bb Eb Eb - F F F F 0:00

IBb've seen a lot of sights Eband traveled mFany miles

BbShook a thousand hands and seEbmen my share of Ebsmiles

BbI've caused some great concern and Ebtold one too many Flies

BbAnd now I see the world through these Fsad, old, jaded eyes

(Toucan Sam joins in)

BbSo what if I threw a party and Eball my friends were there?

BbAcquaintances, relatives, tFhe girls who never cared

BbYou'll have a host of rowdy hooligans in a Ebbig line out the door

FSide by side with Sister Barbara, Chief Wells and Bobby 'Orr

BbI'd invite the Flannigans

EbReplace the window you smashed out

BbI'd apologize the Sluggo for Fpissing on his couch

BbI'll see Mrs. McAuliffe and sEbo many others soon

FThen I'll say I'm sorry for what I did sleepwalking in her room

BbSo what if I threw a party and iEbnvited Mayor Menino?

BbHe'd tell you to get a permit

FWell this time Tom I don't think so

BbIt's a neighborhood reunion

EbBut now we'd get along

FVan Morrison would be there and he'd sing me one last song

BbWith a backup band of bass players to Ebkeep us up all night

BbThree handsome four string troubadours

FAnd Newton's own Fat Mike

BbI'll be in the can having a smoke withEb Garv and Johnny Fitz

FBut there's a back up in the bathroom

FCause the Badger's got the shits


BbYou may bury me with an enemy in EbMount Calvary

BbYou can stack me on a pyre and sFoak me down with whiskey

BbRoast me to a blackened crisp and tEbhrow me in a pile

FI could really give a shit - I'm going out in style

BbYou can take my urn to Fenway Ebspread my ashes all about

BbOr you can bring me down to Wolly Beach

FAnd dump the sucker out

BbBurn me to a rotten crisp and Ebtoast me for a while

FI could really give a shit - I'm going out in style

BbMake me up dress me up

EbFeed me a big old shot

BbOf embalming fluid highballs

FSo I don't start to rot

BbNow take me to McGreevy's

EbI wanna buy one final round

FThat cheap prick would peel an orange in his pocket

FThen hurry up and suck 'em down

BbIf there's a god the girls you loved

EbWill all come walking through the door

BbMaybe they'll feeld bad for me and this Fstiff will finally score

BbYou've got the bed already

EbAnd the nerve and courage too

FCause I've be slugging from

FA stash of Desi Queally's 1980s

FBathtub brew

Repeat Chorus--

Spread my ashes all about

Dump the sucker out

Toast me for a while

I'm going out in style