Crimson Wave 0:02:00 Print

by Tacocat - sung by all the guys - fruitorial

cheat sheet: F Dm / G C (F) /Bb Gm Fx2 A Cx2 0:00

FIt’s that time, that time of the month

Well I woke up early and I got a hunch

DmGonna head on down to the beach today, surf all my girl probs away

F‘Cause all I wanna do is cry, ask mother nature why why why

DmListen to the Cramps on my stereo, turn it up as loud as it will go


GSurfin’, surfin’ the Cwave

GAll the girls are Csurfin’ the wave

GSurfin’ the Ccrimson wave todayF  

FGonna call in sick to work, I don’t care, my boss is a jerk

DmCan’t believe all the pain I’m in, get me white wine and vicodin

FCall my girls see if they wanna go, take their minds off dumb aunt flo

DmSew a scarlet letter on my bathing suit, ‘cause I’ve got sharks in hot pursuit


BbThere are communistGms in the Fsummer house

BbThere are communistGms in the Fsummer house

AOffer them some Cprimrose tea,

Aif you need me, you Cknow where I’ll be