Clash City Rockers 0:02:00 Print

by The Clash - sung by Chase - fruitorial

cheat sheet: Verse: C Bb F Bb / G F G C Chorus: Am G / F... CGC 0:00

C Bb F Bb

GVeFrsGe C1:

An' I Cwanna move the Bbtown to the CFlash City RBbockers,

You Gneed a little Fjump of eGlectrical Cshockers

You better leave town if you only wanna knock us;

Nothing stands the pressure of the Clash City Rockers

Verse 2:

You see the rate they come down the escalator

Now listen to the tube train accelerator

Then you realize that you got to have a purpose

Or this place is gonna knock you out sooner or later


So don't Amcomplain about your useless eGmployment

Jack it Fin...forever toCnight  G    C  

Or shut your mouth, and pretend you enjoy it

Think of all...the money you've got

Verse 3:

An' I wanna liquefy everybody gone dry

Or plug into the aerials that poke up in the sky

Or burn down the suburbs with the half-closed eyes

You won't succeed unless you try

Chorus x1


You Fowe me a Gmove say the Cbells of St. FGroove

Come Fon and sEhow me say the Dbells of Old BCowie

FWhen I am Gfitter say the Cbells of Gary FGlitter

No Fone but you andE I say the Dbells of Prince FarC-I

No Fone but you andE I say the Dbells of Prince FarC-I

lil' paws

Verse 1 x1