Punk Rock Girl 0:01:42 Print

by The Dead Milkmen - sung by Scott ? - fruitorial

cheat sheet: Verse: C F C/ C F G Chorus: Am F C F (C G Am) F G C Bridges:G D G 0:00

COne Saturday I took a wFalk to ZipperhCead

CI met a girl there and she she alFmost knocked me dGead

(Punk rock gAmirl) Please lFook at me

(Punk rock gCirl) What Fdo you see?

Let's tCravel rGound the wAmorld just Fyou and Gme punk rock gCirl

CI tapped her on the shoulder and said Fdo you have a bCeau?

CShe looked at me and smiled and sFaid she did not kGnow

(Punk rock gAmirl) Give Fme a chance

(Punk rock gCirl) Let's Fgo slamdance

We'll dCress like MiGnnie PAmearl just yFou andG me punk rock gCirl

GWe went toD the Philly Pizza CoGmpany and orDdered some hot tGea

DThe waitress said "Well Gno we oDnly have it iGced"

So we juDmped up on the taGble and shoDuted "anaGrchy"

And somDeone played a BGeach Boys song Don the jukebGox

It was "CaliDfornia DreaGmin" Dso we started screaGmin'

D"On such a winter's dGay"

CShe took me to her parents fFor a Sunday mCeal

CHer father took one look at me and Fhe began to sGqueal

(Punk rock gAmirl) It mFakes no sense

(Punk rock Cgirl) Your dad is the FVice President

Rich asC the DGuke of AmEarl yeah, yoFu're forG me punk rock gCirl

(solo, on the kazoo of course)

GWe went Dto a shopping mGall and lauDghed at all the shoGppers

DAnd security guards traGiled us Dto a record sGhop

We asDked for Mojo NiGxon they sDaid "He don't work hGere"

We said "DIf you don't got Mojo GNixon then yDour store could use some fiGxin"

CWe got into her car awFay we started rCollin'

CI said "How much you pay for this?" she said "FNothing man, it's stGolen"

(Punk rock gAmirl) You lFook so wild

(Punk rock gCirl) Let'sF have a child

We'll nCame her MGinnie PAmearl

Just yFou andG me eating Cfudge bGanana Amswirl

Just yFou andG me we'll tCravel rGound the Amworld

Just yFou andG me punk rock gCirl